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Oil Graphite Lubricant

Product ID: ТУ 2113-134-05015182-99, rev. 1-3
Composition: Grease ST-26 is a suspension of graphite in synthetic oil with a heat-resistant additive.
Field of application: Used for lubricating the die in case of cold and hot deformation of iron-nickel blades.
Product ID: ТУ 2113-004-70470322-2009
Composition: Rail greases are based on mineral oil and contain organic and mineral thickeners, adhesives and an additive package.
Field of application: Rail Greases MS-27 and MS-27z are designed to reduce wear of rails and wheel flanges. Grease is applied to the rail-head side edge with the use of railroad lubrication cars. By order of Russian Railways JSC as of January 20, 2012 No.76р "On the admission of lubricants", Rail Grease MS-27 ТУ 2113-0047040322-2009 produced by the KGP company is admitted to be used at Russian Railways JSC. Rail Grease MS-27z is used in winter at the air temperature from -10°C to -45°C. On the basis of acceptance tests carried out by the Railway Research Institute (JSC "VNIIZhT"), Rail Grease MS-27z has advantages over other lubricants used at negative temperatures:
  • - critical load (Pcr) (921N);
  • - welding load (Pw) (over 4381N);
  • - a better viscosity-temperature characteristic.
The research conducted by Rostov State Transport University has showed that Rail Grease MS-27z does not cause segregation of metals.
Product ID: ТУ 113-08-5015182-87-93 изм.1-8
Field of application:
Product ID: ТУ 2113-138-05015182-2002 изм.1-2
Composition: This grease is a suspension of fine graphite in mineral oil with additives of various purpose.
Field of application: Used in glass-making to coat forms. Grease MGS-96 is a low-hazard flammable substance
Product ID: ТУ 113-08-5015182-104-95, rev. 1-5
Composition: MGS-61 is a suspension of fine graphite in mineral oil.
Field of application: Oil graphite lubricant is used to impregnate asbestos products and coat glass moulds. Grease MGS-61 is a low-hazard flammable substance.
Product ID: ТУ 0258-006-70470322-2012
Composition: FMR-220 is a mixture of mineral and vegetable oils and additives, including anti-corrosion, mould-release and film-forming additives.
Field of application: Moulding oil is used for facilitated separation of:
  • concrete (including aerated, foam and gas concrete) from metal forms in the production of concrete products, and for wear protection of the forms themselves;
  • gypsum partition blocks from the surface of the forming die.
Product ID: ТУ 2113-141-05015182-2002 изм 1-2
Composition: Suspension OVT-1 is a water-based composition containing refractory materials.
Field of application: Suspension OVT-1 is used to form a thermal and anti-oxidation coating in the process of heating and deformation of iron-nickel blade blanks.
Product ID: ТУ 113-48-52-89, rev. 1-3
Composition: This is a water-based suspension of fine graphite, stabilized by surfactants.
Field of application: Used as a lubricant for drawing a fine wire with a diameter of less than 0.1 mm. Can be used for other hot metal forming processes. This is a fire-explosion-proof, non-toxic product.