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смазка технологическая тв 6
Product ID: ТУ 2113-005-70470322-2011
Storage conditions: Guaranteed storage life in original containers is 6 months.
Composition: Grease TV-6 is a water-based suspension of an anti-friction filler, stabilized by a surfactant complex.
Field of application: This grease is used for precise hot and warm forging of products made of heat-resistant steels, as well as for drawing of wire made of titanium, niobium and other metals. The grease should be thoroughly stirred before applying. Can be diluted with water at the ratio 1:3; 1:4.
Criteria Values
Dry residue mass fraction, %, min 28
Density at 20°C, kg/m³, min 1230
PH value, pH, within 10,0-11,5

Packaging, Transportation

Grease TV-6 is packed in plastic barrels. Nominal net weight of the packed product is 50 kg) or in metal drums (nominal net weight of the packed product is 40 kg. Grease Type TV-6 is shipped in packaged form by any transport in accordance with the corresponding transportation rules at +1°C to +35°C.

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