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Product ID: ТУ 2113-134-05015182-99, rev. 1-3
Storage conditions: Guaranteed storage life is 12 months.
Composition: Grease ST-26 is a suspension of graphite in synthetic oil with a heat-resistant additive.
Field of application: Used for lubricating the die in case of cold and hot deformation of iron-nickel blades.
Criteria Values
Base synthetic oil open-cup flash point, °C, min 250
Density at 20°C, kg/m³, min 1150
Tendency to spray at over 260°C Passes

Packaging, Transportation, Storage Conditions

The grease is packed in plastic containers. Nominal net weight of the packed product is 5.5 kg), or in plastic barrels (nominal net weight of the packed product is 25 kg, 35 kg, 50 kg), or in metal drums (nominal net weight of the packed product is 40 kg. Grease ST-26 is shipped by any transport, provided the product is protected from heating and moisture ingress, and in accordance with the corresponding transportation rules.

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