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Product ID: ТУ 0258-006-70470322-2012
Storage conditions: Guaranteed storage life is 1 year.
Composition: FMR-220 is a mixture of mineral and vegetable oils and additives, including anti-corrosion, mould-release and film-forming additives.
Field of application: Moulding oil is used for facilitated separation of:
  • concrete (including aerated, foam and gas concrete) from metal forms in the production of concrete products, and for wear protection of the forms themselves;
  • gypsum partition blocks from the surface of the forming die.
Criteria Values
Appearance Transparent oily liquid without visible contaminations, of yellow to brown colour
Density at 20°C, kg/m³ 800-990
Open-cup flash point, °C, min 210
Corrosion test Passes
Water mass fraction, %, max 1
Pour point, °C, max -15
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s at 40°C, min 30

Packaging, Transportation

The oil is packed in hermetically sealed plastic or metal barrels according to current regulations, which ensure the product’s safety during transportation and storage. Products are shipped in hermetically sealed containers by road, rail or other means of transport owned by the sender (receiver) or rented in accordance with transportation rules.

Moulding oil should be stored in covered warehouses in hermetically sealed containers at the temperature not below 0°C.

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