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About company

Electrical and electronic engineering, machine and automotive industries, construction and glass industries, railway transport – these are just a few of our customers.

коллоидные препараты графитные

Currently, KGP is:

  • a Russian market leader in the production and supply of anti-caking reagents for scuffing and caking preventative treatment of mineral fertilizer pellet surfaces;
  • a developer and the largest manufacturer and supplier of rail greases to the Russian Railways JSC railway network, used to reduce wear in the wheel-rail contact.

Graphite Products Production

One of the KGP company’s main activities is the production of graphite-free machine tool oils used for steel, copper and aluminum wire drawing.

коллоидно-графитовые препараты

The specialists of the KGP company’s research laboratory, constantly being in contact with the customers, work on the improvement of quality and handling abilities of the manufactured products and develop new types of products, lubricants and machine tool oils. As a result, the company manufactures new types of products, such as:

  • colloidal graphite products (Type NPK) for hot forming of titanium alloys;
  • water-based colloidal graphite dispersions AG-4М and ASV-KS with excellent separation and lubrication properties for hot forging of steel parts;
  • different types of graphite greases used in metal and machine tool industries;
  • moulding oil FMR-220 used for facilitated separation of concrete (including aerated, foam and gas concrete) from metal forms in the production of concrete products, and for wear protection of the forms themselves;
  • high quality anti-caking agents for fertilizers, which have become very popular with many manufacturers of free-flowing products;
  • glass dyes, widely used in the glass container industry.

The control at all stages of the life cycle of our products is carried out by a certified testing laboratory with a RusAccreditation certificate No. РОСС RU.0001.519008.

The enterprise’s quality management system is certified in accordance with ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) standard, certificate of conformity No. РОСС RU.ИС69.К00033.

A well-developed science sector, modern equipment, qualified personnel, close ties with the leading research centres and industrial companies of the country allow us to continuously improve the quality of our existing products and develop new ones to suit the customers’ requirements.

Since lubricants are mainly used to reduce friction and wear of parts, lubricants refining plays a crucial role in maintenance and requires compliance with certain standards.

Such products should be well filtered, well pumped out and possess high resistance when working in difficult conditions and corrosive environments. The ecological element of production is also important – lubricants must not be toxic.

Types of Greases

Depending on the application, greases are divided into the following groups:

  • industrial Greases;
  • motor Greases;
  • gear Greases;
  • power Greases;
  • dielectric Greases;
  • preservation Greases.

Taking into account the growth of the economy and various industries, the production of lubricants in Russia is becoming more and more relevant.Such industries as automotive, metallurgy and oil production need to use high quality formulations. The performance of such materials depends directly on the thickener used in their production.

Depending on the type of the thickener, greases in Russia are divided into the following groups:

  • soap Greases;
  • non-Soap (Organic and Inorganic) Greases;
  • hydrocarbon Greases.

Modern equipment, operating in various production conditions, needs high quality lubricants. In Russia, lubricants are refined using the latest technology, which allows to significantly extend the service life of parts. As the need for high quality lubricants grows, their refining is one of the main aspects of economic and industrial development.

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