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Colloidal Graphite Products and Graphite Lubricants

The production of colloidal graphite products was founded in 1940 at the premises of Voskresensk Chemical Plant. KGP is currently the largest Russian supplier of graphite lubricants and other graphite-based products. Our graphite lubricants are in great demand in Russia. Due to unique properties of graphite (electrical conductivity, chemical resistance, high lubricity) and additive components, our final products have found wide application in various industries.

Electrical and electronic engineering, machine and automotive industries, construction and glass industries, railway transport – these are just a few of our customers who use graphite lubricants in their production.

Lubricant Refining

We offer various lubricants:

  • Dry Colloidal Graphite Products.
  • Water-Based Graphite Lubricants.
  • Rail Grease.
  • Anti-Caking Agent for Fertilizers.
  • Glass Dyes.
  • Machine Tool Oils.

You can view the full list of products in the Products section. We are a manufacturer of graphite-based lubricants. All our products are certified and have all the stated qualities and properties.

Our graphite lubricant is considered one of the best in Russia and CIS countries. It has showed great results in our climate conditions and has the advantage in its quality-price ratio compared to foreign analogues.

We sell graphite lubricants and other products in both large and small bulk, so the prices will depend on the amount consumed. For more information and the company’s price list, please contact our sales department.

Why Work With Us?

High Quality Products
75 years of experience in lubricant refining
Leading Company
Russia's largest manufacturer of colloidal graphite products
Individual Approach
Development and improvement of manufacturing technologies

Our Products:

In Russia there are thousands of different types of equipment that are subject to increased parts wear. To ensure long and stable operation of all units and mechanisms, lubricants are used in production. Our graphite-based lubricant is chosen by hundreds of regular customers. Graphite grease has showed great results in automotive and machine tool industries. Our grease is most often used in order to reduce friction and wear of various parts. Proper lubrication increases service life and durability of units and mechanisms. This effect can be achieved by using high quality formulations that meet the standards and specifications. 


All our products are certified and constantly undergo laboratory tests.

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